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Little Story.

As far back as I can remember, I have always heard my father talk about his work as an architect, that's whay, very quickly, I did internships in this field.

Space is something that has always interested me, but I didn't know what kinds of spaces, and why. So, I continued my studies with the intention to learn interior architecture, but on entering a Fine-Arts school, I learned other types of spaces : photographic space, and architectural and urban spaces.

I developed my work around these, and I have realized recently, that the staging concept has become more and more important in my work. In my photography work, the physical presence of someone is essential. For me, people, spaces and images are not separable, since they are the start of the narration in each image.

In the architecture, design, photography and scenography, the presence of a character is the visual and symbolic link, between the viewer and the space that I seek to create. It's important for me to translate a space, in relation to my own apprehension of it. These are places with a special atmosphere, laden with history or something intangible, where I bring the viewer in a world between dream and reality, in the illusion of another space.


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